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West Coast Woodfuels is at the forefront of producing sustainable biomass fuel

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Timber Sourcing

We only use virgin roundwood timber which has been sourced locally from sustainable woodlands.

This ensures we comply with BSL regulations and Woodsure Plus accreditation requirements. We work across Scotland in partnership with a number of forest management companies to ensure a regular and continuous supply of raw timber.  Once delivered it is  stored on site to be seasoned prior to chipping. 


All chipping is carried out on site to ensure we have enough stock to meet fluctuating demands whilst 

giving us total control over the quality of our finished wood chip and vastly reducing any chance of contamination.

We use high-volume biomass chippers which are inspected daily to ensure a uniform woodchip. We normally produce G30 and G50 woodchip. However we would be happy to accommodate your requirements, wherever possible, if you require a different specification.

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Drying Process

The final stage of the production process is drying the woodchip to the required moisture content.  This is normally between 22 -23% as we have identified this as the optimum moisture content for most boilers.

The wood chip is loaded into our purpose-built drying tunnels and heat for this process provided by our large scale biomass boiler/heat exchanger system.

This system drives hot air through underfloor ducting removing water from the wood chip until it reaches the required moisture content and the process is finished. Each batch of wood chip is tested using our specialist moisture meters to ensure the correct specification is met.  

Woodchip Storage

The dried wood chip is transferred to our dedicated indoor storage areas ready for delivery to your boiler. This lets us hold a large volume of stock to ensure we can match supply with demand, especially at peak times.

These indoor storage areas mean our dry stock remains unaffected by the outdoor elements and is readily available for delivery when required.

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Whatever your delivery requirements we have a vehicle to suit​.

We can supply wood chip by a variety of methods depending on the access to your fuel store. We have actively focused on delivery  methods,   equipping  ourselves with specialised vehicles for walking floor, bulk blown or tipped deliveries.

The bulk blowers feature fully soundproofed engine compartments to minimise noise disruption during deliveries making it perfect for schools, residential homes and other public sector. We are ideally situated to deliver to large area across Scotland.

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