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About Us

Welcome to West Coast Woodfuels

Specialising in the supply of high quality, force-dried woodchip fuel for the biomass heating market. 

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Our Background 

WCW was founded by Alastair McIntyre after installing his own 100kwh boiler to heat a small district heating system which fed three homes and various outbuildings. He found it challenging to source a supplier of quality wood chip with a consistent moisture content. This inconsistency led to tarring in his boiler and a reduced efficiency, leading to increased running costs and a shortfall in the expected RHI return.  He realised there was a need for reliable fuel suppliers and set about to fill the gap himself.

Shortly thereafter, the opportunity arose to purchase a local industrial premises ideally situated in woodlands and perfect for development into a large scale wood chip production facility. 

The Company

From this idea, West Coast Woodfuels was formed to provide a reliable source of wood chip fuel, and over the past few years it has become one of Scotland’s best known and trusted suppliers with a reputation for consistent high quality fuel and customer service second to none. 

The production site was three years in the making and the completed premises are one of a kind in Scotland. In-house engineers designed a purpose built facility and implemented a pioneering drying process utilising heat from our own industrial biomass boilers to ensure a continuous supply of a consistently high quality woodchip.

Our Mission
Offering The Best Service 

What sets us apart is the hands-on approach from every member of our team through every step of your biomass journey. We are always happy to share our in-depth experience of the installation process from start to finish to ensure ease of operation when your boiler is up and running. 

From experience, we know the importance of high quality fuel to minimise wear and tear, and potential damage to your boiler as well as a significant increase in efficiency and achievable boiler output. This is why we are so passionate about providing a premium product.

Looking for more information - please contact our friendly team!

As a boiler owner myself, I am proud to have established a company that has grown quickly in line with the rapdily expanding woodfuel market. Understanding the customer's viewpoint of the importance of the smooth running of the boiler within their bussines showed me the need for a steady supply of  a consistent quality wood chip . 

Alastair McIntyre

Managing Director