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We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If  these do not answer your query please get in touch and we will be happy help! 

Why is moisture content so important?

Fuel with the wrong moisture content can cause a build-up of tar inside your boiler, leading to decreased efficiency and increased running costs/repair bills as a result. Every millimetre of soot reduces boiler efficiency by 10%.

The right moisture content can:

  • significantly increase boiler efficiency and achievable temperatures.

  • maximise the RHI income stream.

If the moisture content is outside the specification range stated by your boiler manufacturer this can lead to:

  • more wear and tear and potential damage.

  • higher running costs and repairs bills.

  • the boiler shutting down automatically.

  • shortfall in RHI Payments

How do I know I am getting the volume I am being charged for?

All our delivery vehicles are fitted with on-board weigh cells to accurately measure the volume of fuel discharged at each delivery.

How do you deliver?

We have a number of vehicles that are custom built to deliver woodchip by a variety of methods such as blown, tipped or walking floor.  We can deliver up to 100m3 in any one delivery.

What is the difference between seasoned and force dried wood chip?

Although seasoned timber should have a moisture content of round about 30% after 12 months, this is not always the case. Some sellers will try and tell you their chip is well seasoned and this is not always accurate.  

Force-dried timber on the other hand can be produced to a specified moisture content in a matter of days ensuring the correct fuel for your boiler is always available.

Where do you get your timber?

We are well situated to have a fantastic source of sustainable timber locally. This timber is harvested and re-planted under strict forestry management plans as per the mandatory RHI regulations.

How do I  know your woodchip is produced to a high standard?

We are well situated for a good source sustainable timber locally. Timber is harvested and replanted under strict forestry management plans as per the mandatory RHI regulations.

If your question was not answered, please get in touch and we can hopefully provide some answers.