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Our Wood Chip Specification 


West Coast  Woodfuels Biomass Wood Chip is produced to


We normally produce a G30 – G50 sized woodchip which conforms to either Onorm standard or the equivalent BS standards of P16, P31 or P45.  This means that our wood chip will:


  • come from sustainable virgin timber

  • have minimal excess fines and oversizes 

Most boilers require a moisture content of between 20-30%, however if you require a different specification we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

Pay for quality fuel - not water 

It is worth noting that it is energy that you are purchasing. The higher the moisture content, the more water your wood chip contains - and water doesn’t burn, which will reflect in the price you pay. However, optimum moisture content depends on the type and size of your boiler.


Measuring moisture content 

Newly felled timber will have a moisture content between 50-60%. Our process reduces this moisture content to between 30-40% by seasoning. We then chip the timber and force-dry it down to the required moisture content. 

The moisture content of our wood chip is tested using a specialist moisture probe multiple times during the drying process. The fuel is tested once again prior to loading for delivery. This ensures quality control is maintained at all times.

Why is moisture content so important?

Fuel with the wrong moisture content can cause a build-up of tar inside your boiler leading to decreased efficiency and increased running costs/repair bills as a result. Every millimetre of soot can reduce boiler efficiency by 10%.

The right moisture content can:

  • significantly increase boiler efficiency and achievable temperatures.

  • maximise the RHI income stream.

If the moisture content is outside the specification range stated by your boiler manufacturer this can lead to:

  • more wear and tear and potential damage.

  • higher running costs and repairs bills.

  • the boiler shutting down automatically.

  • shortfall in RHI Payments


Having gained a wealth of experience working with the leading boiler manufacturers and installation teams over the years, we can say with confidence that a quality fuel with the right moisture content will ensure the long term health of your boiler.

Giving our customers peace of mind 
Woodsure Approved Supplier

As well as the mandatory requirement of being BSL approved, we are one of the few woodfuel suppliers who have taken the extra step of gaining Woodsure accreditation. This gives our customers the assurance they are getting high quality wood chip that is the right size and moisture content as specified by their boiler manufacturer. Suppliers with Woodsure certification follow strict quality procedures and are audited annually to ensure compliance.


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