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Finding The Right Delivery Solution calls for

the Right Vehicle.

West Coast Woodfuels supplies woodfuel across Scotland with depots strategically located to ensure coverage. Wherever you are located we can deliver your to your doorstep using a range of  custom-built  vehicles and  delivery methods to suit  every kind of fuel store and storage bunker. 

Large Blown Deliveries 
Walking Floor Deliveries
Small Blown Deliveries
Tipped Deliveries

With a capacity of 38m3 (7 tons), our rigid blower vehicle is extremely manouverable making it perfect for deliveries where areas of restricted size can be an issue. We are one of the few companies in the UK to have this means of delivery.

This vehicle is designed to keep noise pollution to a low level, minimising disruption to your premises. Chip can be blown over 20m horizontally and 10m vertically allowing it to reach your fuel store with ease - perfect for delivery to schools and residential areas.



Limited Access
Urban Areas
Smaller Fuel Stores
Small Blown Delivery
38m3 Capacity Blower Unit

Lorry Delivery.jpg

Large Blown Delivery

60m3 Capacity Walking Floor Blower

Our custom-built walking floor blower vehicle is one of a very few in Europe. Not only has it been designed to blow wood chip highly efficiently, it can also deliver by walking floor method when access is restricted. The unit can blow over a distance of 25m horizontally and 10m vertically. 

As with our smaller blower unit, this vehicle has been designed to keep noise pollution to a very low level, minimising disruption to your premises. This makes it ideal for schools, hospitals and other public buildings. 

Higher Volume Delivery
Ideal for Public Sector
Large Fuel Stores

Tipped Delivery

38m3 Capacity Tipped 

We can deliver up to 38m3 of wood chip at one time with this tipping vehicle. In common with walking floor deliveries this option is quick and simple, meaning it is the cheapest method of delivery for small quantities.

Tipped deliveries are best suited for sites with underground fuel stores or indoor storage areas. 

Lower Delivery Cost
Quick Deployment
Uunderground Stores
Tipped Delivery.jpg
Walking Floor Artic.jpg

Walking Floor Delivery

100m3 Capacity Walking Floor 

For large scale deliveries we use walking floor articulated lorries capable of carrying up to 100m3.  A fast delivery without the need for tipping, makes it our most economical method.

Wood chip can be discharged directly into the customer's fuel store or a suitable storage area. If stored it can then be loaded into the boiler hopper as required.

This method is very common in the agricultural sector.

Lowest Delivery Cost
Quick Discharge
Ideal for bulk purchase
Fuel Store.jpg

 The key to hassle free delivery, fuel store design!   

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We cannot emphasise enough the importance of the correct fuel store design, layout and access to ensure ease of delivery for the lifetime of your boiler.  We would be delight to help if you wish to contact us to discuss your fuel store design.

Delivery Enquiry

Unsure of your delivery requirements? Our experienced team will be happy to advise you. Please fill out our enquiry form, give us a call or drop us an email

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