Woodsure Plus HETAS Certified Accreditation Achieved!

Woodsure Plus Hetas Cerified logo

 We  are  proud  to  announce  that  our  woodchip  has  achieved  Woodsure  Plus  HETAS  Certified  Accreditation   to  G30/W20  Standard.


“The Woodsure Certification scheme comprehensively checks woodfuel producers to ensure that they produce and supply woodfuel to the correct standard.

In order to avoid sub-standard fuel and the problems it causes, Woodsure Certification tests the products to EN and Önorm standards for woodfuel quality, which are the requirements that boiler manufacturers and installers specify their customers to use.

Customers purchasing from a Woodsure certified producer can be assured that the producer has been checked and tested, and have demonstrated they are able to produce and supply a quality product. The Woodsure logo enables consumers to easily identify whether fuel is of an appropriate standard for their boiler systems.”

Biomass Suppliers List

bsl logo green authorisedThe Biomass Suppliers List is a list of suppliers of woodfuel who have been accredited as demonstrating that their fuel meets the sustainability criteria required under RHI. Recipients of the new Domestic RHI will be obliged to source their fuel from suppliers on the BSL and recipients of non-domestic RHI may also use the BSL as the easiest way to demonstrate compliance.

As of 25 September 2014 the list is available to be viewed by the public and we are proud to announce that we are have been an Authorised Supplier since the beginning of July.

Up and Running

Up and Running

Delivery Lorry for Woodchip

Another Delivery Being Loaded

We have now been in
production for four months and orders have been coming in from Aberdeen to the borders as word spreads about our
quality woodfuel.

It’s Official!


Orders being processed

Orders being processed

After a lot of hard work, West Coast Woodfuels has officially opened for business.

Kiln dried woodchip and firewood logs are being processed quickly and efficiently to the highest standard in our custom-designed facility.

Firewood Log Processing Begins


Processed firewood logs

Processed firewood logs

We have now also started processing virgin timber for hardwood and softwood firewood logs.  The timber is mechanically split to the preferred size and stacked in bulk bags before being kiln dried in our drying tunnels.

Woodchip Processing Begins


Woodchip processing begins (outside)

Now that our timber has arrived we can being woodchip processing.  This can be done either inside the building or oustanding on the hardstanding using our versatile, comtemorary equipment.

This processed woodchip can then be put in one of our four drying tunnels to reduce its moisture content to the required level.

Inside chipping process

Inside chipping

First Timber Arrives

Wood Piles

Our newly delivered virgin timber

Hooray – the construction phase is finally complete and, after much excitement, our first order of virgin timber has arrived.  The concrete hardstanding is now being put to good use storing this unprocessed wood, keeping it free from ground contamination and ensuring or finished products are of the highest quality.

The Final Phase

Top Shed

Clearance of second site begins

Boiler installation has been completed and we have reached the final phase of our project – clearing out the former water treatment works building on our second site.  This building will house our firewood logging section, as well as being used as an indoor timber stacking yard.

Our New Biomass Boiler

Boiler Room

Biomass Boiler being Installed

The four drying tunnels have all been completed and we are now in the process of install the one megawatt biomass boiler which will provide heat for our kin drying process as well as the buildings themselves.

Due to its size, the boiler is being installed first and the infrastructure will be added afterwards.

Drying Tunnels Under Construction

Original Tank Supports

Original Tank Supports

Now the shed roof is finished we can get on with the process of constructing the four drying tunnels which will be used to kiln dry our woodchip and firewood logs.  These will be formed using some of the water tank’s internal support pillars which were left for that very purpose.

Once these are constucted we will be installing a one megawatt boimass boiler.  This will heat the drying tunnels via floor vents and be regulated by a purpose-designed air flow system.

Finished Drying Tunnel

Finished Drying Tunnel