Depending on our customer requirements, delivery can be made by a variety of methods including bulk-blower lorry, walking floor articulated lorry or tipping trailer.



West Coast Woodfuels are one of the few companies in the UK with this means of delivery. Our specialist 38m3 capacity blower unit features a 20m flexible hose to reach difficult fuel stores, and a well soundproofed engine to minimise noise disruption, thus making it perfect for schools and residential areas.

Walking Floor/Articulated

For larger scale deliveries we can offer tipping or walking floor articulated lorries capable of carrying up to 100m3. This is the most economical method of delivery as the higher the volume the lower the cost. If the storage space is available, woodchip can be discharged there and loaded into the hoppers by the customer as required. This method is very common in the agricultural sector.


We can also deliver up to 38m3 of woodchip at one time with our own tipping lorry. Tipped deliveries are best suited for sites with under ground bunkers.

We can also deliver via using tractor and trailer which is best suited for locally based customers.